Positions available at Evangelism Mission

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Missionary Evangelists (stationary or traveling)

  • Street & Campus Evangelism: one on one witnessing, sharing the Gospel via speaking and tracts, holding scripture signs, open air preaching and more...
  • Street Meetings (outdoor church services): Preaching brief sermons, playing music (if applicable), singing, song leading, testifying, sharing the Gospel via speaking and tracts etc.
  • Door-to-Door Evangelism & Outreach: one on one encounters at the doors, praying with people, sharing the Gospel via speaking and tracts, and inviting to services and events.
  • Abortion Clinic Evangelism: sharing the gospel near abortion clinics and ministering to people heading in and out of abortion clinics. We use many methods listed in most of the descriptions above.
  • Itinerate Meetings in small churches who can’t afford revivals, tent & community center meetings: Preaching Sermons, singing & music (if gifted), etc.
  • Evangelism Mission wants to help you fulfill your calling and create a missionary structure for you to minister however God leads from traveling regularly anywhere or by living in a stationary location in various regional areas of the USA and traveling locally through that state to evangelize or over a multi-state area!
  • We are looking to help a multitude of Missionary Evangelist rise up to fulfill their calling.
  • Candidates do not have to do all the above, they are examples of the many things that can be done. It is important to mind God in their area of calling…

Mission Administator

  • Perform all duties necessary to run the mission work administration.
  • Edit and Produce Newsletters
  • Manage the office
  • Maintain mission address list
  • Printing many kinds of documents and tracts
  • Use MS-Office Suite: Word, Excel, & PowerPoint
  • Manage incoming and outgoing mail and tract shipments
  • Bank Deposits, Donor Receipts, & Annual Statements
  • Manage other office workers
  • Manage volunteers (deligate many duties to them)
  • Must be self-motivated, dependable, able to work alone and diligent with tasks!
  • ....Will train self-motivated hard working individual
  • ....Position will begin as administative assistant and grow into full administator


  • There is constant need for help with Newsletters, tract packaging, and various remedial tasks to assist the office staff.

Positions available at Holiness Pioneers

Our vision is to plant churches in states or locations where there are none.

We will do this by establishing a mission team in designated locations to fulfill what the Bible says in Ephesians 4:11-16 about evangelists, pastors, and teachers. When the missionaries have been successful in developing and discipling new converts, then we will proceed from a mission to an established local church. We are looking to launch local churches as part of existing conservative holiness denominations and associations, and/or independent churches, as the Lord leads. Our pilot location is Salt Lake City, UT. Below is a list of the team members and their duties:

Ministers of Outreach (Evangelist)

  • Do street and campus evangelism
  • Plan and lead teams in evangelism events, street ministry, campus ministry, street meetings, cold calling door to door and calling on new unsaved contacts from the street
  • Assist entire team where needed in the local church
  • Preach evangelistic messages in the local church as God leads
  • Fill-in for pastor when away
  • Open-Air Preaching
  • See that newly saved people are connected to a teacher for discipleship
  • Administration of: all evangelism efforts done outside the local church, team members during evangelism events, all materials for evangelism, etc.

Pastors (A true Shepherd)

  • Declare the whole counsel of God: share well-structured messages from God’s Word to edify the body of believers in attendance with the local church gathering
  • Shepherd the flock
  • Follow up with the absent
  • Visit the active members of congregation (those in regular attendance), sick, elderly, fatherless, widows, etc.
  • Work closely with the Minister of Outreach and participate in street meetings and outdoor evangelism
  • Work closely with the teacher overseeing their discipling of new Christians
  • Assist entire team where needed.
  • Administration of: Members, Attendees, and all internal activity of the local church and workers.

Ministers of Music

  • Organize all music and singing inside and outside the church
  • Play instruments
  • Lead singing
  • Sing specials
  • Organize choirs and signing groups with the local church and for outdoor ministries
  • Work with new Christians to explore their gifts and train them in music and singing
  • Assist entire team where needed


(This can be a Ministerial or Education Major)

  • Head up education for Sunday School, structured weekly Bible study classes, and Discipleship
  • Disciple new Christians
  • Classes for seekers/unsaved
  • Assist the pastor and minister of outreach as needed
  • Administration of: Discipleship teachers, Sunday school teachers, and curriculum structure & materials
  • Explore new Christians gifts & callings, train them to use their gifts and fulfill their calling
  • Assist entire team where needed

Children Workers (Child Evangelist)

  • Children’s programs
  • Children’s Sunday school teacher
  • Develop and administrate after-school programs, VBS, and summer programs
  • Assist entire team where needed


  • Develop counseling structure
  • Counsel any in need of more help than the pastor and other staff can handle
  • Develop and maintain connection to a clinical (medical) counselor for those who need medical care beyond what Biblical counseling can do
  • Assist entire team where needed.

Our initial church plant is Utah which is in the top 5 states for highest suicide rates per capita so counselors are greatly needed in our Salt Lake City church plant.

Lay Families

We would like to help Christian lay families relocate to be part of the congregation and assist in any way they are skilled to do so.

Visit HolinessPioneers.com for more information.

See the Method page at HolinessPioneers.com to find out more about our goal for pioneering conservative holiness churches in places where there currently are none.